Prof. Kira Barton

Prof. Kira Barton ( received her B.S. degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Colorado at Boulder in 2001. Barton continued her education in mechanical engineering at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and completed her M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in 2006 and 2010, respectively. She held a postdoctoral research position at the University of Illinois from Fall 2010 until Fall 2011, at which point she joined the Mechanical Engineering Department at the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor.

Her primary research focus is on precision coordination and motion control for emerging applications, with a specialization in iterative learning control. Barton’s work intersects controls and manufacturing and combines innovative manufacturing processes with enhanced engineering capabilities. The potential impact of this research ranges from building high-resolution DNA sensors for biological applications to the integration of advanced sensing and control for rehabilitation robotics.


Postdoctoral Scholars
Felipe Lopez (
Research TitleSoftware Defined Control: Advanced Modeling for Improved Manufacturing Security and Productivity
Felipe Lopez accepted a position with Schlumberger Limited Industrial Internet Center (SLIIC)
Leo Tse (
BS, MS, Ph.D. ME University of Michigan
Research Interests: High-resolution Printing, Electrohydrodynamics Jet Printing, Rapid Prototyping, Additive Manufacturing, 3D Printing, Design and Fabrication
Research Title: Physics-Based Printhead Design for Enhancing Electrohydrodynamics Jet printing
Future Plan: Creating a 3D printing equipment startup Company

Ph.D. Students
Deema Totah (
BS ME Massachusetts Institute of Technology
MS ME University of Michigan
Research Interests: Human-in-the-loop control and wearable sensing for medical assistive device optimization
Research Title: A Human-in-the-Loop Control Framework for Optimizing Customized Assistive Devices
Future Plans: Pursue an academic career in the biomechatronics field to improve patient outcomes through intelligent, sensor-integrated assistive technologies
 Christopher Pannier (
BS NE Texas A&M University
MS ME University of Michigan
Research Interests: Additive manufacturing, controls, mechatronics, sustainability
Research Title: Modeling Electrohydrodynamic Jet (e-jet) Printing for Micro/Nanoscale Topography Control
Future Plans: Address issues highlighted in Paul Hawken’s Project Drawdown through engineering.
Michael Quann (
BS ME Purdue University
MS ME University of Michigan
Research Interests: Control of autonomous and dynamical systems, data-driven decision-making
Research Title: Robotic Terrain Mapping and Energy Prediction
Isaac Spiegel (
BS ME & Minor in Japanese UC Berkeley 
Research Interests: Hybrid Dynamical Systems, System Identification, Nonlinear System Dynamics, Iterative Learning Control, Electrohydrodynamic Jet Printing
Research Title: Design, identification, and iterative learning control of hybrid system models for mechatronics
Future Plans: Industry abroad for a few years and then come back to academia
Ilya Kovalenko (
BS ME Georgia Institute of Technology
Research Interests: Discrete Event Systems, Multi-Agent Control, Smart Manufacturing Systems
Research Title: Agent-based control of manufacturing systems
Miguel Saez (
BS ME Universidad del Zulia
MEng. Global Automotive and Manufacturing, University of Michigan
Research Interests: Industrial Automation, Robotics, Hybrid Models, Smart Manufacturing Systems
Research Title: Modeling and Control for Manufacturing Intelligence
Future Plans: Change the manufacturing industry towards smart and sustainable manufacturing 
Joaquin Gabaldon (
BS ME California Institute of Technology
Research Interests: Computer vision, sensor fusion, marine localization, multi-agent autonomy
Research Title: Marine Mammal Monitoring and Analysis through Controlled and Uncontrolled Agent Coordination
Future Plans: Autonomous vehicle design in industry
Ding Zhang (
Research Title:
Bio-inspired Coordination: Learning to Identify Individual Versus Coordinated Behaviors from Bottlenose Dolphins in a Controlled Environment
Research Project:
My research concerns understanding and identifying the differences between individual and cooperative behaviors from a population of bottlenose dolphins in a controlled environment. This will involve developing a generalized framework for identifying and classifying
cooperative and individual behaviors towards eventual implementation on a robotic platform.
Efe Balta ( )
BS ME Istanbul Technical University
Research Interests: Controls, manufacturing, optimization
Research Title: Production as a Service: Framework for Optimizing Utilization in Manufacturing
Zahra Afkhami (
Research Interests: Nonlinear vibration and dynamics, Smart materials, Machine learning, Control, Electrohydrodynamic Jet (E jet) printing
Research Title: E jet printing with nanomaterials


Katelyn Angeliu (

 Changbai Tan (


 Rongyu Liang (

 Akshay Garg (


Visiting Scholars

Enric Xargay



Undergraduate Students

Sharon Sun (UROP)
Vanessa Sheldon (UROP)
Ethan McMillan
Meghna Menon
Maxwell Wu
Adam Lassman
Nick Tavis
Annika Stoldt
Ritika Sibal
Benjamin Getz 
Steven Lengieza
Gary Zheng


Postdoctoral Researchers:

Felipe Lopez,  Schlumberger Limited Industrial Internet Center (SLIIC)
Patrick Sammons, Analyst
Mamadou Diagne, Assist. Prof. at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

PhD Students:
Leo Tse, 2017, Postdoctoral researcher at University of Michigan

Berk Altin, 2016, Postdoctoral researcher at UC Santa Cruz
Ingyu Lim, 2016, Ford Motor Company

Visiting Scholars:

Remy Pelzer, Technical University of Eindhoven, The Netherlands
Yuan-yuan Liu, Shanghai University, Chin
Xiaomei Hu, 2015, Shanghai University, China
Mauro Mazzolini, 2014, Synesis
Diego Manzocchi, 2014, Synesis

Master’s Students:

Kshitij Jain, pursuing M.S at University of Michigan

Lauren Ransohoff, Northrop Grumman

Chiranjeevi Vegi, M.S, University of Michigan

Devyani Kalvit, 2017 M.S. University of Michigan
Matthew Porter, 2016, pursuing PhD at University of Michigan
Yunli Shao, 2015, pursuing PhD at University of Minnesota
Tong Li, 2015, pursuing PhD at University of Michigan
Dan Zhao, 2015, pursuing PhD at University of Michigan
Sayooj Pillai, 2014, Cummins, Inc. 
Siva Aduri, 2014, MS University of Michigan
Bokai Chen, 2014, M.S University of Michigan
Yi-Kai Wang, 2013, M.S. University of Michigan
Chengeng Qu, 2013, Finance Masters Program
William Grenis, 2013, UM Masters Program
Danvir Sethi, 2013, Mathworks
Astha Kukreja, 2013, Cummins, Inc.
Bert Jiang, 2012, Mathworks
Jaekyu Hyun, 2012, Hyundai

Undergraduate Students:

Anne Gu (UROP, ME490)

Dan Xu(ME490)
 Ryan Tepper(ME390)
Tom Brown(ME390)

David Robinson (UROP)
Alex Nettekoven (International UROP)
Tanay Nerurkar (ME490)
Eliana Almario (SROP)
Michael Dobrowolski (UROP)
Ravesh Sukhnandan (SURE)
Michael Mahon (UROP)
Audrey Ramey (NNIN REU)
Syfith Jeet Singh
Nattasit (North) Dancholvichit
Andrew O’Hara (UROP)
Chien-An (Anne) Yu (UROP)