Directed Study Projects of Undergraduate and Master’s Students

Establishing a ROS-based Framework for Heterogeneous Multi-robot Perception and Control

Student: Siddharth Bhurat

This project aims to integrate the Toyota HSR Robot with DuAro and Kuka KMR Robot over the wifi network using ROS. This enables having unified control over all the robots from a single master and having shared sensing, which helps in reducing redundant sensors. We integrated ROS on DuAro and Toyota HSR as master and brought them to work on the same ROS network. We also used Apriltags to find the initial transform between immobile DuAro and mobile Toyota HSR for correct visualization in RViz. A few difficulties were encountered to make the Toyota HSR, a slave of the central controller after trying a method different from the previously implemented methods. But we achieved a multi-master configuration between the Toyota HSR and laptop without installing external ROS packages on the Toyota HSR robot, which runs ROS on docker. [Report]